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Strong Men

Hits: 107 A Harmless Man Is Not A Good Man. A Good Man Is A Very Dangerous Man Who Has That Under Voluntary Control Jordan Peterson

Sociological Foundations of Victimhood Culture

Hits: 99As I prepare my piece for Quillette and edit my book, I often find very interesting articles that I like to share with my readers. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the cultural underpinnings of victimhood culture. Understanding Victimhood Culture: An Interview with Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning – Quillette

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

Hits: 132I was baptized when I was 8 years old of my own accord. My paternal grandfather was a Church of Christ Minister in eastern Kentucky. I was brought up in the church and have benefitted from my involvement. Although I am agnostic, I believe that virtually all religions contain universal truths. Current politicians on...

You Have Come a Long Way Brother

Hits: 230Just last year I thought I was losing you. Now you are on top of the world. I could not be prouder.

When Truth Trumps Power

Hits: 60Watching the Parkland students gives me hope; hope that the powerful cannot prevail when activists have truth on their side. These young people get it. They have a just cause and they are not deterred and they are not distracted by notiriety. Fox’s Laura Ingraham takes a week break amid fallout from Parkland tweet,...

True Compassion, True Leadership

Hits: 76 On Palm Sunday, pope urges youth to raise their voices Pope Francis on Palm Sunday urged young people not to be silent and let their voices be heard, even in the face of corrupt or silent elders. The pope’s message comes on the heels of a meeting of young Catholics who told the...