Getting Closer!

Hits: 434After going through  tons of data, I am finally getting closer to figuring out who at CDC was stalking my site. I know that he or she created a private folder named “New Blog”. Hopefully , I will get their username soon. Stay tuned!

Hacked by CDC Employee

Hits: 306My blog was hacked while I was recovering from my injuries. An audit revealed that the hack may have originated from a CDC employee.  While I believe that is unlikely,  it is clear that a CDC employee used his or her computer to either log on or view my blog.This person also created a...

Toxicity Has No Gender!

Hits: 281In my never ending research for my book, I ran across an interesting article about the archetype of “Toxic Masculinity”. The article On Toxic Femininity is a provocative take on this isue from a female perspective.

“Much Ado About ‘Mansplaining’”

Hits: 610“Much Ado About ‘Mansplaining’” by Cathy Young https://link.medium.com/vLpsZPVNvT

The Kavanaugh fight exposed feminism’s identity-politics problem

Hits: 245Very interesting read from the Dallas Morning News. 

True Meritocracy

Hits: 215Lying on his deathbed, advisors press Alexander the Great to name his successor. He whispers,”the strongest“. 

When She Cried Wolf…

Hits: 356Prior to the release of my article and book, I wanted to let my subscribers read the short story that started it all. If you do not see a link to the story you will have to subscribe to the blog to access it.  Walking slowly, seemingly infirmed, she approaches the court’s entrance, steadied...

Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong…

Hits: 154The fact that tribalism now represents the primary driver of public policy in America is beyond alarming. Irrespective of one’s take on the SCOUS mess, individuals should be able to express their opinions without being relegated to their perceived tribe.  My book and upcoming magazine articles stem from personal experiences and views; predispositions formed...

True Grit

Hits: 156The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. -Proverbs 28:1

Real Empowerment!

Hits: 137Feminist rhetoric focuses almost exclusively on remedial solutions to gender inequity. Why don’t they focus their attention on real empowerment?  I just ran across this story on CNN that highlights efforts to empower African women by teaching them how to code.