My Brother at the YouTube #CreatorsforChange Summit

Hits: 70Could not be prouder of my brother. He’s one of a select group of creators invited to the annual meeting. Last year I thought I was about to lose him. Now he’s at the top! One of the most influential internet personalities on the planet! I love you bud! https://youtu.be/hUvbb_eUP84

Protected: #MeToo? Part 2: Case Study “The Pimpy”.

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Childhood Exposure to a Parental Suicide Attempt and Risk for Substance Use Disorders

Hits: 50I ran across this study when I was doing research for my book. I’ve also observed the dramatic effects of a parental attempt on someone that I cared for. It’s sad and debilitating. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4407682/

Free at last….

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The Toll

Hits: 41 Recently I watched the documentary entitled, “King in the Wilderness“. The film focuses on the emotional toll that his cause had on him mentally. So powerful and authentic. The compassion and tolerance that men like King demonstrated towards their enemies is admirable and often overlooked by society.

One Year Anniversary!

Hits: 50This week marks the first year anniversary for my blog. Thanks for your interest. I’ve met and interacted with so many different people across the country. I’m truly humbled by your support.

My Hero

Hits: 232April 2, 1993. The day I lost my grandfather, my hero. I was driving home, trying to get to the hospital before it was too late. Mom said he was asking for me, wanted to know when I’d be there. Stopped at a pay phone to see how he was doing when I got...

Will March for Our Lives be Different?

Hits: 62//fave.api.cnn.io/v1/fav/?video=us/2018/03/23/do-protests-work-orig-acl.cnn&customer=cnn&edition=domestic&env=prod

Blog Update

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Bayesian Interpretation of After-life

Hits: 41I have been working on this problem for quite some time with students and colleagues. This is the first in a series that I will be presenting for discussion and critique. Simply put Bayes’ theorem (alternatively Bayes’ law or Bayes’ rule) describes the probability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that...