Gender Bias

Perfect Timing!

Hits: 140My accident has slowed down my progress on my book and articles. Nonetheless, I have been collecting documentation that will enable to defend my position on gender equity in family law. A week ago I was handed a gift from the most unlikely source, Governor Kemp. The Governor recently appointed an openly gay magistrate...

Equal Opportunity Bullying

Hits: 93Contrary to popular belief, A recent PEW study found that men and women are “bullied” online at comparable rates.. The truth behind the trolling panic  

What Domestic Violence Against Men Looks Like

Hits: 84I recently ran across this article by Brian Smith. What Domestic Violence Against Men Looks Like – MEL Magazine “It’s hard for a guy to say ‘I need help,'” says Paige Flink, the chief executive of the Family Place, a domestic violence shelter for men in Dallas that opened in May. “It’s just not...