What Domestic Violence Against Men Looks Like

Hits: 28I recently ran across this article by Brian Smith. What Domestic Violence Against Men Looks Like – MEL Magazine “It’s hard for a guy to say ‘I need help,'” says Paige Flink, the chief executive of the Family Place, a domestic violence shelter for men in Dallas that opened in May. “It’s just not...

Protected: The Pimpy: Part 2

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Preaching to the Converted Saves Not New Souls…

Hits: 26The occurrence of yet another tragic school shooting, triggers the Pavlovian rhetoric of each extreme; polarized sound bites that galvanize their base but does nothing to solve the problem. When will we realize that solving societal problems necessitates meaningful public discourse? Although the horrific toll of school shootings is clear, the causes are anything but....

Swipe at your Own Risk!

Hits: 25Yikes. It is frightening just how easy it is to put oneself in danger simply dating. However, cases like this demonstrate women are often perpetrators as well.   Arizona woman accused of sending 65,000 text messages after first date with man she met online

Case Study: The Pimpy

Hits: 27The first case study that I highlight, “The Pimpy” examines the pattern of legal actions taken by a single attorney and multiple plaintiffs who friends. This article explores the extent to which female plaintiffs and their attorney can easily manipulate and exploit the biases of the family court system.

The Key to Gender Equity

Hits: 41With all the vitriol of masculinity and calls for gender equity, I am proud to say that my alma mater is taking the lead in mentoring women in academic medicine.    

Toxic Masculinity?

Hits: 32 And if you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of. -Jordan B Peterson -Jordan B Peterson

Strategic Tears: The Guardian

Hits: 23I address this issue in my book and case studies. Using court transcripts and dramatizations I show how affluent well-educated women manipulate the family court process. For example, in one case I show how easily a magistrate is manipulated by the tears and demonstrative behavior of a seemingly fragile plaintiff who is anything but....

Talking Politics…

Hits: 36Got to spend time Saturday with the Lt. Governor’s General Counsel and Director of Policy, Irene Munn. I’ve known Irene for several years because of my involvement in Georgia college and career academies. I strongly support this initiative.