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The occurrence of yet another tragic school shooting, triggers the Pavlovian rhetoric of each extreme; polarized sound bites that galvanize their base but does nothing to solve the problem. When will we realize that solving societal problems necessitates meaningful public discourse? Although the horrific toll of school shootings is clear, the causes are anything but. Neither the left nor the right is willing to acknowledge truths in each other’s position. Instead each side offers overly simplistic solutions that are destined to fail because they do not represent the collective wisdom of our populace.  Archetypes of gun owners, liberals, etc. and demonizing the opposition just perpetuates the problem.

I have always believed in and cling to universal truths; truths that transcend dogma, culture, and time. All ideas possess elements of truth no matter how vial they appear to be on the surface.  For example, I am appalled by the notion of arming teachers but can understand why some people believe that might work. We need to truly understand and engage opposing ideas instead of dismissing them because of their source. Only then can we move forward towards solutions.