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On July 24th, I was hit by a car who turned in front of me going at least 45 mph. The Georgia State Trooper told me that the driver clipped my front tire. He said that I was lying in the middle of the street when he arrived on the scene. The driver only received a citation for failure to yield. 

I was in the ICU for 3 days and the hospital for 3 more. I sustained multiple rib fractures, a broken collarbone and shoulder blade, a punctured lung, and internal bleeding. Although I have no memory of the event itself, I did maintain some level of consciousness. The attending trauma jock indicated that I was “difficult’ upon arrival. Who me? The amount of and type of pain that I have endured since then is difficult to articulate but thankfully it gets better each day. 

Now the interesting part. The driver who hit me had 16 previous arrests/citations for traffic offenses, drug distribution, and other crimes. He was uninsured of course and apparently only stopped because he was spotted by a witness. 

—-to be continued